How do I reset my graphics settings out of game?


I recently tried to set my graphics higher to run Tera, but I accidently chose a resolution that was too high for my monitor to handle. Now whenever I run Tera the screen goes blank and I can't see anything, but I hear the game running just fine. How do I reset my graphics settings outside of the game to fix this?



is your screen fine when you're not gaming? if you're running a windows system, try going to the control panel and look for graphic options or display. reset to default resolution. if that is ok, you need to find a way to get into the options menu of the game to the user interface and change the screen resolution there. keyboard o to bring up options, then the video tab to set screen resolution. if you can't do that, try messaging support to see if they can reset the game resolution on your account for you. the default is probably 1024x768.



"If you have removed the intro videos, modded, or deleted other files, you may need to repatch TERA by deleting your game.version file.
Eight Click on your TERA Launcher shortcut
Click "Open File Location". This will open the exact folder that TERA is installed into."
maybe a solution here



Black Screen - Changed Monitor Resolution In Game

If your monitor has black screened, or powered off after you changed the resolution in the game you will not be able to play until you delete the S1Option.ini file located at c:\Program Files (x86)\TERA\client\s1game\config\s1option.ini. For detailed steps on how to navigate to this file please read below.

1.Click Start, or the Windows Icon button.
2.Click Computer.
3.Double-click the C:Drive.
4.Open the Program Files (x86) folder.
5.Double-click TERA.
6.Open the Client folder.
7.Double-click S1Game folder.
8.Open the Config folder.
9.Locate S1Option.ini and right-click on it.
10.Select Delete.
11.Load up the game and you should be good to go.



deleting the S1Option.ini file didn't work. It just re-creates every time I log in.