The Happy Cloud

The Happy Cloud is a streaming installer for TERA that allows new players a quicker option to get in-game and start playing. The Happy Cloud downloads only the assets required to launch TERA for a new player and downloads the rest of the files in the background while you play.

If you are a higher level or entering a higher level zone, the necessary files will not download right away and you will crash with the error "FFFF:FFFF". If this is the case please wait for additional files to download or for the download to complete.


Why Happy Cloud?

The Happy Cloud is designed for new players just getting started. The Happy Cloud will allow you get in and start playing as soon as possible. For players who are current players or returning players with higher level characters, we recommend you allow Happy Cloud to download the entire contents of TERA before entering the game.

How Does Happy Cloud Work?

The Happy Cloud will guide you through the installation process automatically through the steps below!

  1. Download and run the Happy Cloud installer.
  2. The Happy Cloud TERA Launcher will automatically open.
  3. TERA will automatically begin to download.
  4. The PLAY button will turn from silver to gold when you are able to play.
  5. You may log in and play while downloading game files.
  6. You may close the Happy Cloud TERA Launcher at any time, and the download will continue in the background.
    Note: If you wish to resume after fully closing the Happy Cloud Launcher, you can re-start the download by clicking on the "Resume Download - TERA" icon on your desktop.
  7. When the files finish downloading, you can use the TERA Launcher icon on your desktop!

What Happened To The TERA Launcher?

The TERA Launcher is still there. It's only necessary to use the Happy Cloud launcher to start TERA until the download is complete. After the Happy Cloud finishes downloading the game files, you will use the TERA Launcher to patch and start TERA.


If you would like to use the TERA Launcher instead of The Happy Cloud, please sign into your En Masse account and click "Download Game".



TERA Is Laggy While Downloading!

Some players may encounter performance issues such as lag or black screens while streaming the TERA download.

To resolve this issue, please allow The Happy Cloud to download the full game files before attempting to play.

I'm Level 60 And Just Wanted To Re-install TERA.

If you are level 60 and need to re-install TERA, you have two options. If you download TERA by using The Happy Cloud then you will need to let The Happy Cloud completely download all files. This will reduce the lag or other technical issues you may experience in game. Once the download is finished, you will be all set!


Alternatively if you sign into your En Masse account you will see the "Download Game" link. If you click this link, you will download the normal TERA Launcher. This Launcher will not allow you to play TERA until you have completed the full download of TERA.



Where Does The Happy Cloud Install TERA?

The Happy Cloud will install to the path C:\ProgramData\HappyCloud\Cache\TERA.


Program Data is a hidden folder. If you would like to view hidden folders please do the following:


  1. Click the Start button or Windows icon
  2. Click on Computer
  3. On the top left of that window click Organize
  4. Click Folder and search options from the drop down
  5. Click on the View tab
  6. Under Advanced settings there is a folder titled Hidden files and Folders
  7. Click "Show hidden files, folders, and drives"
  8. Click Apply then click OK

Why Is My Download Frozen?

If your download is frozen and you are not in game, make sure that the Happy Cloud Launcher has been closed. The download will continue in the background. You can monitor the progress by placing your cursor over the Happy Cloud icon in your computer's system tray (it looks like a cloud with a lightning bolt).

If you are not playing TERA but have the Happy Cloud Launcher open, The Happy Cloud will not attempt to download new files.