AVA Service Retiring

For questions pertaining to the retiring of the AVA service, please see the information below.

Why is AVA being retired?

En Masse is retiring AVA because this version of the game is no long being supported. We decided it was best to close the service.

I spent money in this game. Can I get a refund since the game is being retired?

We are not issuing refunds. However, if you played AVA from the dates of February 25 to April 25, you will receive 1,000 EMP directly into your EMP wallet to use on any of En Masse's PC products (TERA, Kritika, Closers).

Will I receive the 1,000 EMP for playing AVA during May or June?

No. The 1,000 EMP is for players who have logged in and played AVA before the announcement that we're closing the service.

Do I have to actually play the game during February 25 to April 25 to earn the 1,000 EMP?

Logging into AVA is sufficient.

Why are players now getting for free items that I had to pay for?

We want to send AVA off into the sunset in a fun way. We hope access to free premium items will make for an engaging farewell.