Chaining Skills

Some abilities work well in succession, like a distancing move after using a point blank attack as a caster. Chaining skills creates a prompt which, when acted on, triggers the following skill in quick succession. You can chain multiple skills together for a quick volley of combat activity.


Certain skills are chained by default, but you have the option of customizing your skill chains to match your battle style.


1. Press K to bring up the skills window


2. Click on the Chain skills button at the bottom


The chainable skills are located on the left, and the default skill chains are located on the right. As you learn new skills, the chainable skills list will automatically grow to include new skills that can be chained.


3. To customize your skill chain, drag the skill of your choice from the Learned Skills window to the Chain Skill window and place it to the right of the skill you want to act as the trigger.




4. Some skills inherently chain to others, and take priority over user-created chains in combat. When setting a user-created chain, keep in mind skill cooldowns for all skills involved in the chain, especially if a triggering skill has multiple inherent chains. A skill's inherent chains (and their priorities) appear at the bottom of its tooltip. Mouse over the skill's icon to see them.




5. Combat begins when you first attack your target. Clicking Display only in combat means your chained skill prompts won't activate until that first hit. You might choose to deselect this option if you like to open combat with a charged-up spell or shot, or with traps.


6. To change the timeframe in which the chained skill can be activated, click in the box to the right of "Display time" and enter a number between 0.1 and 99 seconds.


7. To change the button used to activate chained skills, click on the Chain skills hot key box near the bottom of the Chain skill window (press Back to bring up the Controller configuration window if you are using a game controller).


8. Changes are automatically saved, so simply close the window when you are done.


9. To revert back to default settings, click on the Reset button at the bottom of the Chain skill window.


Note: Glyphs have direct impact on certain skills, and can influence your choices in customization. Some glyphs state that the added bonuses take effect only if the skill is used in conjunction with another specific skill. Be sure to read your glyph description!