Downloading TERA via Torrent

TERA is now available for download via Torrent. If you are unfamiliar with using a torrent program, follow the instructions below.

How To Download TERA Via Torrent

If you are unfamiliar with using a torrent program please follow the instructions below to download TERA using Bittorrent.

  1. Download a torrent program if you do not have one already. You can install Bittorrent for free if you do not have a torrent program.
  2. Download the "TERA Installer.torrent file from the official En Masse Link
  3. After the .torrent file has downloaded, you should be able to Double Click the file, which will launch Bittorrent for you.

  4. Approve the default location where the download will go, or pick a new location. After deciding the location, click "OK".

  5. TERA will now be downloaded. Once the download is finished, go to the location of the download and launch "setup.exe". This will install TERA.

Check The MD5 Hash Values to Verify You Have The Right Files.

If you are going to download TERA via bit torrent, always download from If you are interested in verifying the files downloaded, please do so with these MD5 Hash values:

be345d0260ae12c5f2f337b17e07c217 *0x0409.ini
24762b602871696cc86458d7ad7ebc69 *ISSetup.dll
84a566c976981f792442c297a8744975 *
f53e68917c0fb2929fa717f363781124 *data1.hdr
3468155dfb02b90d993e1200aa72ed29 *
192a3ef87a33056754f4d74b1d4e6230 *
53a970bf3de897d4e5e9b6b20d8ab21b *
05c8094034b2d9c4866a5b646ce7a7f0 *
846680df3e01a6e8758d80a396a40a76 *
94207243afea8548a3f43e42c60ce5e0 *
f4e7360ab829555f436c7451bd0ae029 *
285a97faf7ad7cc6370eaea286c17506 *layout.bin
195eef5fa4e4685c586e43f98e98b4dd *setup.exe
9afe0ade9c1101cd88aade0b22e5a9a9 *setup.ini
3b3d0e154f94860b93cf90461d5ec4ee *setup.inx
67a079d683bb2cf73ad14f874a811cb5 *setup.isn
b2c5ba87937cd64ac2c75ac0457be710 *setup.ocx