Elite Status Hotbar

The elite status hotbar allows access to many of the daily and monthly perks available with an elite status subscription. The items in the hotbar may be placed in your standard action bar and used with keybinds.

What does the hotbar look like?

The hotbar looks just like your normal action bar, just shorter!

What items are on the hotbar?

The following items can be accessed through the elite status hotbar and refresh daily:

  • Rotating in-game mount. Details on the current mount will be on the Elite Status purchase page.
  • Twelve 100% Gold Hunter Boost (1 hour). Increases your hunting gold reward by 100% for 1 hour of play.
  • Village Atlas. Use to teleport to any city, town, or village.
  • Travel Journal. Use to save or teleport to one of your five memorized locations.
  • 1 Elite Gift Box. Contains a random gift.
  • 1 Elite Consumable Box. Contains a crafter's cure, a canephora potion, a bravery potion, and an instance reset scroll
  • 1 Everfull Nostrum (30 minute duration, unlimited use)
  • Velik's Opportunity. Use to teleport to Velik's Sanctuary.

When does the hotbar reset?

The elite status hotbar refreshes its cooldowns at 5 p.m. Pacific.