En Masse Points (EMP)

En Masse Points (or EMP) are the currency used to purchase a variety of items and premium services for En Masse Games.

How do I buy EMP?

EMP is purchased from the En Masse Store. Once you purchase EMP from the store you may need to log out of your account and back in for your EMP total to reflect your new balance.

What is the dollar-to-EMP conversion?

There is no exact conversion as players will experience different taxation rates based on their location. Additionally, the $20, $40, and $100 USD bundles include increasing amounts of bonus EMP which changes the value.

However, the "base" value is 100 EMP per $1 USD.

Do I get a discount for buying larger blocks of EMP?

You will receive bonus EMP for purchasing larger packages.

  • 1000 EMP - No Bonus
  • 2200 EMP - 10% Bonus
  • 4600 EMP - 15% Bonus
  • 12000 EMP - 20% Bonus

Will EMP be sold in retail locations?

EMP is not currently for sale in retail locations and can only be purchased through the En Masse Store.