Error 0111:0001 Unable to connect to TERA Server List

Before starting TERA the game launcher must request a list of servers to display to you. If the launcher is unable to acquire that list it will return the "Error: 0111:0001" after pressing the Play button. There are several things you can do to resolve this issue.



Try Pressing Play Again.

A good first step to try is always to just try pressing play again. You can do this by closing the TERA launcher, starting it back up and signing in again. Once Play is available, press it.


Check to Make Sure Our Servers Are Up.

If the TERA servers are currently down you may see Error 0111:0001 when pressing play. Check the status of our servers here.

Reboot Your Computer.

Restarting your computer can resolve many technical issues. Some drivers or applications can malfunction and just need a clean restart to function properly again.


Verify that you have an internet connection

This may seem like an odd troubleshooting step, but you may have lost your connection to the internet on the computer you are attempting to launch TERA from. Test to make sure you can access the internet by launching an internet browser such as Internet Explorer and going to


Port 10001 is Required to be Unblocked for Access to TERA.

The TERA launcher communicates with our servers through port 10001. If that port is blocked by a firewall, router, or ISP the TERA launcher will be unable to communicate correctly with our servers which can lead to the 0111:0001 error.


If you are not sure on how to open port 10001 you can visit your router manufacturers support page. Below we have linked to the two most popular router companies support pages.



To check to make sure that port 10001 is not blocking any programs you can visit and type in "10001" in the "What Port?" field. This website will then check to see if that port is open.


Turn Off Any Latency or Ping Enhancing Software.

If you are using a program to increase your ping or latency time, you may be encountering the error 0111:0001. These programs have been recognized as potentially causing connectivity issues with our game servers. If you are experiencing error 0111:0001 and are using any programs such as "Fourelle Venturi Personal" and "Smooth Ping" you should disable it.


Check Your Internet Connection and Ping times.

If you are experiencing the 0111:0001 error it may be due to an internet connection issue relating to slow internet or poor latency. To check your internet connection try running a test on the free websites and


If the tests indicated that you have a poor internet connection you may need to contact your internet service provider to resolve such issues.


Disable a Proxy or VPN Network if you Have One.

A proxy or VPN network may conflict with TERAs ability to communicate with our servers. If you are experiencing the "0111:0001" error you may have a VPN or Proxy network enabled. To disable a proxy please follow the instructions below.


  1. Launcher Internet Explorer.
  2. Click Tools (top left) or click the Gear icon (top right) and select Internet Options.
  3. Click Connections.
  4. Click Lan Settings.
  5. Under Proxy Server make sure the box is unchecked for "Use a proxy server for Lan".
  6. Try to login again.


VPN clients are generally controlled by a specific piece of software on your computer. These programs allow you to sign into a location that you are not physically at and are commonly used by businesses. If you have a VPN client enabled this may be causing an issue with your connection to the TERA game servers.