Error: FFFF:FFFF Fatal Client Exception

Fatal Client Exception (FFFF:FFFF) is a generic error message indicating that the TERA client has crashed. There are a wide variety of causes, ranging from corrupt game files to system requirements not being met.

If you are receiving this error, the following steps may help you resolve the issue.

Verify That Your Computer Meets System Requirements.

The first thing to check is if your computer meets the minimum requirements to run TERA. Please view the FAQ we have available to verify that your computer meets minimum requirements.

Keep in mind, you may be able to play TERA with a computer that is below the minimum requirements, however you may experience severe lag and frequent crashes. To obtain better performance you will want the recommended requirements.

Run A Game Repair.

A common cause for the fatal client error is corrupt game files. The repair tool will check for corrupt files and then replace those files. Follow the steps in this FAQ to run a game repair.

Clean Boot Your Computer.

Another common cause for the fatal client error is conflicting software. The best way to troubleshoot a possible software conflict is to run a clean boot. Follow the steps in this guide to perform a clean boot.

Update Your Copy of Windows.

Running Windows Update can resolve a number of issues that may be causing a fatal client error. Please follow the steps in this FAQ to run Windows Update.

Update Your Video Drivers.

Up to date drivers are critical to ensuring your computer works properly. In order to obtain the newest video drivers, you will need to visit the AMD or NVIDIA website:

Contact Support

If the previous steps did not resolve the issue, please contact support and provide the following information:
  • When are you receiving the error? (e.g. after pressing Play, when the splash screen appears, during gameplay, or while loading a character)
  • If you are experiencing game crashes, does it happen with a specific character or in-game location?
  • EME Diagnostic results

This information will help us to better understand what is causing the fatal client error.