Error: FFFF:FFFF Fatal Client Exception

Fatal Client Exception (FFFF:FFFF) is a generic error message indicating that the TERA client has crashed. There are a wide variety of causes, ranging from corrupt game files to system requirements not being met. If you encounter this error, the first thing you should do is restart TERA.

The next most common reason for FFFF:FFFF is if you hit the play button while you were running a repair. If you did this, please run the repair again and don't hit play until the repair is done. If the repair stops at 99% for a few minutes you can give the play button a try.

If you continue to receive this error the following steps may help you resolve the issue. Please review the categories below to ensure you are starting with the troubleshooting steps most likely to resolve the issue for you.

Are You A New TERA Player? If you are new to TERA, using the Happy Cloud streaming download, or have crashed when first trying to create a character or logging in for the first time begin troubleshooting here.

Have You Been Playing TERA And The Error Is New?

If you are experiencing this error on one character or in one location in-game, try repairing your game files first as this is usually caused by corrupted game files. If you are experiencing the error on multiple characters, servers, or in-game locations proceed with the full list of troubleshooting steps.

Did All Of The Above Steps Fail To Resolve The Problem?

If the common troubleshooting steps did not resolve the FFFF:FFFF error, review the possible causes below. These are not as common, but can also cause the issue.

Restart Your Game Client.

The first thing to try after experiencing this error is to simply attempt to restart the game by exiting your TERA Launcher completely. Once closed, sign back into the launcher and attempt to launch the game again.

Clean Boot Your Computer.

If restarting TERA did not resolve this error, restart your computer to resolve any possible system memory problems. Performing a clean boot can also help diagnose any software or background process conflicts that are causing the error.

Continue Downloading Via The Happy Cloud Streaming Launcher.

If you are using the Happy Cloud streaming TERA launcher you may need to download additional game files before you are able to play. The Happy Cloud launcher will stream certain portions of the game while you are playing them if it has not been downloaded yet.

To resolve the FFFF:FFFF error please allow the Happy Cloud launcher to complete a full download of TERA.

Check Your Internet Connection

This error message can be a result of a temporary loss of Internet connection or lack of available bandwidth. If your household is running other services online (especially games or streaming media that might occupy quite a lot of bandwidth) please try shutting these down and restarting your game.

If you continue to experience connectivity related errors, please review the troubleshooting steps in our Connectivity FAQ.  

Disable Your Anti-Virus Temporarily.

Some Anti-Virus programs may hault TERA from running correctly on your computer. To make sure that your Anti-Virus is not causing the FFFF:FFFF error, please temporarily disable your Anti-Virus program. Once it has been disabled, please attempt to launch TERA again.