Guild Banks

Guild Banks are just like your normal bank, except you share the slots with members of your guild that have been granted the ability to withdraw items.



Is there a guild bank fee?

There is a small guild bank fee that allows everyone in your guild access to the guild bank.


Who pays for the guild bank fee?

Any player with access to the guild bank may pay the fee. Once the fee has been paid once, no one else will be requested to pay the fee.


How much is the guild bank fee?

The guild bank fee is 3 gold.


What happens when the fee is due?

Every 7 days a member of your guild is required to pay for the guild bank. If the fee is due, all items in the guild bank will be locked until the fee is paid for. Once you try to remove or place an item in the guild bank, you will receive a request for the 3 gold fee.


How often is the fee charged?

The fee for access to the guild bank is charged every 7 days.


Where does the fee go?

The fee is a convenience charge implimented by the First National Bank of the Federation. This fee helps pay for the massive bonuses paid out to their executives.


Can the guildmaster change or remove the fee?

The guildmaster is unable to change or remove the fee associated with the guild bank.