How do I claim my Premium Services and purchased/promotional items?

Did you just purchase a box copy of TERA or win a promotional item? The steps below will walk you through the process of redeeming your code to your game account and accessing your new items in-game.

What do I do with my serial or promotional code?

How do I retrieve my item in-game?

How do I redeem a game or promotional code?

If you have received a promotional or serial code for an item, follow these steps to redeem it to your TERA game account:
  1. Log in to your En Masse Entertainement account.
  2. Click the Enter Code button on the right side of your account overview page.
  3. Enter and submit the code.

I received an error that says "that game code doesn't appear to be valid".

This message can be a result of several issues. Please review the following to ensure that your code is valid:
  • A valid serial code for TERA will contain 25 characters.
  • If you are entering your serial or promotional code manually, be sure that you are entering all characters correctly!
  • Some promotional codes have expiration dates or redemption limits. Please verify that your code has not expired or reached its redemption limit.
  • Serial codes may only be redeemed once. This message can appear if the code you are redeeming has already been redeemed.
  • If none of these appears to be the cause of the error, please contact our support team for assistance!

What is an "unredeemed code" and what do I do with it?

Sometimes a game code requires an additional step to redeem. This generally happens due to having more than one eligible game account on a single En Masse Entertainment account.

To redeem an "unredeemed code":
  1. Log in to your En Masse Entertainement account.
  2. Select the code from the "Unredeemed Codes" section on the bottom right side of your account overview page.
  3. Select the desired game account to apply the code.

How do I claim my items?

Purchased, promotional, and elite status items will be delivered to your account through the Item Claim menu in game. Character based (one time use) items will deliver to the Item Claim immediately but account based (multiple use) items will require a full restart of the game and launcher before they can be claimed.


How do I access the Item Claim in-game?

Important note: items cannot be redeemed in-game by clicking on the Item Claim icon on the mini map. This icon is simply to notify you that new items are waiting to be claimed through the steps below:

  1. Access the game menu by pressing the "Esc" or "Alt" key on your keyboard.
  2. Click on the "Valkyon Outfitters" icon.


  3. From the expanded menu, click on "Item Claim".


  4. From the "Item Claim" menu, select the item that you would like to redeem and press "Use".




The item that you redeemed will now show up in your inventory!

What is the difference between character (one time use) and account items?

Character based (one time use) items may only be claimed once and used by one character. After claiming a character based item from the Item Claim, it will be removed from the list and no future characters may access it.

Account (multiple use) items may be claimed multiple times and can be used by any character created on a game account. After claiming an account item from the Item Claim, it will remain in the list and can be claimed by other characters - even those on other servers or characters that you haven't yet created!

My account item is missing!

If you have purchased an account based item, you must follow these steps before the item will be available to claim:
  1. Log out of TERA.
  2. Close the TERA Launcher.
  3. Re-open the TERA Launcher, log in, and press PLAY.
  4. Open the Account Items tab of your Item Claim and remove the item.