Masterwork Gear


What is Masterwork?

Masterwork is unlocking the ability for certain pieces of armor to be enchanted up to +12, instead of the standard +9. The +12 enchant will unlock extra attributes and increase the potential strength of the item.


How do I get a Masterwork Item?

Masterwork items are created when you take a piece of gear that has the "Enigmatic" attribute and use an Identification Scroll on it. The Identification Scroll will reveal the attributes of the item, but there is the chance of unveiling the item as a Masterwork. Chances are you will not reveal your item as a Masterwork on the first try, so you may need to reseal the item with an Enigmatic Scroll and try again.


If you are not sure how to seal and unseal your item, follow the instructions below.


  1. Select the item that you wish to try and obtain Masterwork for

  2. Acquire Master Enigmatic from higher end dungeons and Intricate Identification Scrolls from a vendor

  3. Right click the Identification Scroll and left click the item in question. This will unlock the attributes

  4. If the item is not a masterwork and you would like to continue, right click the Enigmatic Scroll in your inventory and left click the same item

  5. This will bring up the Enigmatic Reset window. You may choose to lock certain attributes so that they are not changed during this process (Requires Spellbind). Then click "Enigmatic Reset"

  6. This will lock the attributes of the item and allow you to re-identify it

  7. Continue using the Enigmatic and Identification scrolls until you have a masterwork item




What are the chances of getting a masterwork item?

Getting a masterwork unlock on gear is designed to be difficult and very rare. Please be aware that it may take numerous attempts at unsealing an item to acquire the masterwork property.


I think my item is bugged, it still is not a masterwork!

Obtaining masterwork when identifying the attributes of the item is random chance. If you are experiencing difficulties unlocking the Masterwork attribute please make sure of the following:


If I use a scroll on a piece of gear will it become bound to my character?

No, sealing and unsealing an item will not take away the Bind on Equip attribute of that item.


Is there a higher chance to masterwork an item if I use the higher quality scrolls?

We recommend you use Master Enigmatic and Intricate Identification Scrolls exclusively.


After my item became a masterwork it lost some stats!

It's true. When your item is enchanted, each level (+1-+9) adds slightly less to the "Defense Modifier" "Inpact Modifier" "Attack Modifier" or "Balance Modifier". This is because overall the item will have a greater value at the maximum enchanted value. The item is much more powerful overall.


Can an item ever lose the masterwork property?

Nope! Once an item has become a masterwork it will remain a masterwork.