TERA now features a new pet system! Learn more about this information in our news post, or continue reading.

How do I use a pet?

First, you must read your training manual and train the summon skill for the pet you want. When you purchase your pet from the store you will receive a book entitled "Care and Use of Your Pet" via Item Claim. If you purchase the book from the trade broker, you'll receive the item directly from the broker to your inventory. Simply right-click the book to train the skill!

Open your skill list by pressing K or click the skill icon in the Main Menu, and find the Summon Pet skill for your pet.

If your pet has special functions, manage them through the pet UI under Activities in the Main Menu. You can drag some pet functions onto your hotbar from the pet UI.

What kinds of pets are there?

Pets can follow you and collect loot for you! Alternatively, you can also acquire a pet that will store items for you, just like having an extra inventory page.

Do I have to feed my pet?

You sure do! You don't expect your little helper to do your heavy lifting and not get a treat once in a while, did you? You can buy pet treats from any merchant. They restore 30 energy to your pet. Not enough energy? Higher-quality food is available in the store!

Are the pets character bound?

Yes. Once you learn the summon pet skill on one character, you may not train with that same book on any other character.