Race Change

Is it time for an extreme makeover? Race change vouchers can be purchased with EMP through the En Masse store, or in-game with gold, allowing you to re-select your character's race, gender, appearance, and voice.

What you need to know about Race Change Vouchers

Important Notes:
  • Race Change vouchers are good for one use. Vouchers are consumed once the race change is completed
  • Race-specific skills will change with use.
  • Elin reapers are not eligible to use race change vouchers.
  • Using a race change voucher will remove any shape changes made to your character.

How To Use:
To use the voucher, simply click on it in your character's inventory. You will be taken to the character creation screen where you can make changes to your character. The voucher will not be consumed until the changes have been finalized, so you can exit the character creation screen at any time if you are not pleased with the changes.

What you need to know about Any Race Vouchers

Important Notes:
  • Any Race vouchers are good for unlimited uses for the duration of the item. The Voucher provides the remaining time on the tool tip.
  • Any Race vouchers are not tradeable and cannot be placed in the bank.
  • Any Race vouchers last for 3 days; this duration begins from the moment the voucher is placed into a character's inventory. This duration includes time spent offline.
  • At the conclusion of the 3 day period the character will not revert back to the original race.
  • At the conclusion of the 3 day period the character will remain as the race and gender that were last selected.
  • Please be sure to select your final choice of race, gender, appearance, and voice during the unlimited change period.

While you are in the unlimited change period customer support will not exchange soul bound cosmetic items. If you have made your final decision you may contact support, authorize them to remove your voucher, and request an exchange for your soul bound cosmetic items into your new race and/or gender. Or, you can wait until your voucher has expired and request a change of your cosmetic items.

My character has changed races, how can I get new costumes?

If your character has race or gender changed and can no longer wear soulbound costume items, the customer support team can assist you.

  1. Submit a support ticket via email, listing the name and server of your character.
  2. Place all costumes into your bank.
  3. Include a full list of the soulbound, race or gender specific items.
  4. Items that do not exist for the new race or gender will not be replaced. Example: elin only items can not be switched to a new race or gender. These items will remain soulbound to the character.

A GM will assist you with this exchange, but please be aware that it may take slightly longer than other support issues, as technical issues will maintain a priority.