Race Change

Is it time for an extreme makeover? Race change vouchers can be purchased with EMP through the En Masse store, or in-game with gold, allowing you to re-select your character's race, gender, appearance, and voice.

My character has changed races, how can I get new costumes?

If your character has race or gender changed and can no longer wear soulbound costume items, the customer support team can assist you.

  1. Submit a support ticket via email, listing the name and server of your character.
  2. Place all costumes into your bank.
  3. Include a full list of the soulbound, race or gender specific items.
  4. Items that do not exist for the new race or gender will not be replaced. Example: elin only items can not be switched to a new race or gender. These items will remain soulbound to the character.

Note* Following the transfer all costume items will display an acquired-on date of the day of the transfer, and will not show their original acquired date.

A GM will assist you with this exchange, but please be aware that it may take slightly longer than other support issues, as technical issues will maintain a priority.