Unknown File Error

If you are receiving the "Unknown file" error while patching perform the steps listed below.

Replace The Version Files And Run Repair From The Launcher Tools Menu.

The repair tool must be run after replacing the files below, otherwise you may continue to experience this error or others related to incorrect game files. Please be aware that the repair can take up to an hour, and may initially display a time that is as long as six or seven days. This estimation is not accurate, and the repair must be allowed to finish.

  1. Verify that you have at least 35GB of free space on the drive that TERA is installed to. If you have less than 35GB of free space, the verify and repair stage will fail.
  2. Right click and select "Save link as..." for the 3 files listed below to save them your computer:
    - EN.version
    - Game.version
    - Live-New-Launcher.version
    Players who installed TERA with the Happy Cloud launcher will need to download an additional file:
    - DefaultCompat.ini
  3. Navigate to your TERA installation folder. Inside this folder you'll find the TERA-Launcher.exe and the three .version files. If you do not see these files, you are in the wrong folder or need to show hidden files. To get to the folder, either:
    - Right-click your TERA launcher icon and click "Open File Location".
    - The default installation location for TERA is: C:\Program Files (x86)\TERA or C:\Program Files\TERA.
    - The Happy Cloud installation location for TERA is: C:\ProgramData\HappyCloud\Cache\TERA.
  4. Drag the new "En.version", "Game.version", and "Live-New-Launcher.version" files into this folder. Allow the new files to replace the old ones.
  5. Happy Cloud users only: Drag the new DefaultCompat.ini file into the following sub-folder: TERA\Client\S1Game\Config\ .
  6. Start the TERA launcher again, but do not press Play.
  7. Click on "Tools."


  8. Run a repair. This step is extremely critical and should not be skipped.


  9. Do not interrupt the Repair process while it's running as it can take several minutes to complete and at times appear to have no activity, and the time to complete the process will bounce around from days to hours to minutes. Don't worry!
  10. Once the repair is complete, press Play to launch the game. This will take a bit of time, so please be patient. If the repair does not work, please run a Check Disk.

If this did not resolve your issue, please contact support and include your developer logs and diagnostic information.

Redownload TERA If You Are Installing From A Disc.

If you are attempting to install TERA via a disk and receiving this error, download TERA instead.