What Are Federation Bills? All You Need To Know!

What are these Federation Bills that everyone is talking about and how do you get them? Look no further for the scoop on this game currency, or check our Game Guide section!

How do I earn Federation Bills?

Federation Bills can be earned by logging in daily. Each player is eligible for 5 Federation Bills per server, per day.

Federation Bills are also a possible prize from the daily Elite Gift Box. The Elite Gift Box is part of the elite status hotbar.

How do I claim Federation Bills?

Federation Bills are delivered directly to your parcel post (mailbox) in game.

How do I spend Federation Bills?

You can spend federation bills by talking to Tikat, an exclusive merchant in towns all over the world of TERA. But Tikat is not available in the three major cities. That means you can access the federation bills store in any town except Velika, Allemantheia, or Kaiator.

What can I get with Federation Bills?

All sorts of stuff! Everything from boosts to cosmetic items, mounts, and templates. This inventory may change, so be sure to check back often!