ZMR Service Retiring

For questions pertaining to the retiring of the ZMR service, please see the information below.

Why is ZMR being retired?

The publishing deal between En Masse and the developer of ZMR has ended. For this reason, En Masse will be ceasing operation of the game on October 31.

Will ZMR be picked up by another publisher?

There are no plans at this time to migrate or continue the service with another company.

Can I get a refund for money I spent in ZMR since the game is being retired?

We will not be issuing refunds for purchases made in ZMR, however, we have set all the prices in the ZMR store to zero so that you can enjoy everything the game has for no charge until the service is retired. In addition, if you played ZMR even once between July 18 2017 and September 18 2017, you will receive 1,000 EMP that you can use in any other En Masse game.

When will I receive the 1,000 EMP for playing ZMR between July 18 and Sept 18 of 2017?

EMP will be added to the wallets of all qualifying accounts immediately following the ZMR servers being shut down.

Why are players now getting for free items that I had to pay for?

We want to give players a window to continue to enjoy ZMR without the burden of spending money on a game that will no longer be serviced.