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    Rootstock Activities and Cooking

    Common Problems How do I cook Mudroot Salad? How do I complete cooking quests? The end of summer heralds the Rootstock festival in Freehold. Rootstock is a seasonal event where you can cook special...

  • Cap created an article,

    Purchase History/Proof of Purchase on Console

    Common Problems How do I view my history on PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch?How can I show proof of purchase when I send in a support ticket? How to check, or get screenshots of your purchas...

  • Cap created an article,

    Availability of Costumes in Closers

    Common Problems Can I get Dark Command for my character? Why doesn't this smart box work on my character? Special Event Costumes, Smart Boxes, Synchro Fibers and Loot Boxes Each Closers costume is...

  • Cap created an article,

    TERA PC: Item Calendar login bonus not available until further notice

    Common ProblemsWhere is the calendar?When will the calendar come back? Because of a game-breaking exploit the calendar login benefits are no longer available. This extra game feature will return on...

  • Cap created an article,

    TERA PC: Enchanting and Upgrading

    Before you get to Level 65 you can only enchant gear. At level 65 you’ll get access to equipment that can be Upgraded into superior items, allowing you to progress your equipment to higher and high...

  • Cap created an article,

    TERA Console: Enchanting, Upgrading, and Converting

    Enchanting helps speed your gameplay in earlier levels, and becomes critical when you reach the end game and your final gear set. Enchanting Weapons, body armor, hand armor, and foot armor can all ...

  • Cap created an article,

    How to Use Synchro Fibers in Closers

    Common ProblemsHow do I use Synchro Fiber?What's an option transfer item?How do I get signature costume pieces using Synchro Fiber? Synchro Fibers allow you to combine two costume pieces for a chan...

  • Cap created an article,

    TERA PC: Inventory Pockets

    Common ProblemsHow do I access my Pocket Tab?How do I unlock extra slots in my Pocket Tab? Inventory Pocket Tabs are a new unlock-able system to help you store more items. Pocket Tabs can be set up...

  • Cap created an article,

    Why Can't I Access En Masse TERA Servers When I Log in Through Steam?

    Common ProblemsWhy can't I find Velika?Where's Kaiator?Why can't I see my server and characters if I sign in through Steam? If you are in North America, you can play TERA through Steam. If you are ...

  • Cap created an article,

    Your En Masse Account and Steam

    Common ProblemsHow do I sign in to my En Masse account on Steam?How do I manage my Steam connection? When you sign into one of the En Masse MMOs through Steam you will be automatically prompted to ...